I have always been a visual person, noticing the details, the small, the ordinary, the way light strikes an object or a scene. I am attracted to places and objects that have a history to them, such things as old doors and windows, glass and metal. I also love the natural environment and am fascinated by the details of flowers, insects, trees, rocks, and water. The glow of light, on an object, in a landscape, is what I try to capture. Painting has allowed me to express my delight and interest in these objects and scenes. I continue to explore various media that I can use to bring those things that catch my eye to canvas or paper.

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Some catching up to do

June 15, 2017

It has been a considerable amount of time since I have actually blogged about anything here. Like anyone else, life happened, as it continues to do, and for a while I found it difficult to write. I am hoping to remedy that situation and come back to writing on a more regular basis. There are some interesting art things I'd like to share.

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